Former Nutritionist & Dietitian
Food, Diet & Weight management
Labaid Specilized Hospital

Dhaka, Bangladesh

I am Dietitian & Nutrition Specialist Farzana Ahmed from Bangladesh & Former Nutrionist and Dietitan specialist at Labaid Specialized Hospital, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

If you are overweight or underweight, want to gain or lose some weight, suffering from any medical condition like diabetes or kidney disease and want to keep them under control, you may make an appointement with me on any day except Friday between 5:00pm to 09:00pm and follow my dietary plan.

The following list provides some easily digestable foods which you may have digestion problems.
  • Rice or Brown rice ( of course boiled not fried)
  • Chicken curry or Chicken Soup (Don't fry chicken in oil)
  • Lean Meat (again not fried or cooked in oil, grilled or kabab type)
  • Bananas (both ripe and green are good for stomach with lots of potassium)
  • Eggs (Surprise!!! boiled eggs are very easy to digest and good source of nutrition) Eat the whole egg (white part and yellow yolk)...Don't fry in oil.....eat boiled
  • Yogurt or Dohi (in bengali)
  • Nuts or Badam (in bengali) and crackers
  • Fruits : Melons, mangoes, Malta
  • Vegitables: Carrots, beans, spinach
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