Former Nutritionist & Dietitian
Food, Diet & Weight management
Labaid Specilized Hospital

Dhaka, Bangladesh

I am Dietitian & Nutrition Specialist Farzana Ahmed from Bangladesh & Former Nutrionist and Dietitan specialist at Labaid Specialized Hospital, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

If you are overweight or underweight, want to gain or lose some weight, suffering from any medical condition like diabetes or kidney disease and want to keep them under control, you may make an appointement with me on any day except Friday between 5:00pm to 09:00pm and follow my dietary plan.

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Details of Nutrition & Dietetics.

Nutrition & Dietetics deals with the sufficiency of diets during normal time and changes required during diseased conditions. The main aim is to provide and maintain an excellent and quality dietary service in meeting patient unique needs and wants.

When a patient comes a nutritional status measure is taken with calorie calculation along with medical history of patient. The medical history is taken which includes test reports, family disease history, food pattern and preferences and food allergy if any. After that a diet chart is given to the patient. Different diet charts are given for different patients, for instance there are different diet charts for:
  • Obese / Overweight patients
  • Pregnant women
  • Lactating mum
  • Patients with heart disease like CABG, PTCA
  • Diabetic patients
  • Patients with kidney and liver disease
  • Gastritis and patients with problem with pancreas
  • Gall bladder stone patient
  • Tube feeding patients
The range of diet falls into the following:
  • Normal Diet: This is the normal hospital diet given to patients before any diagnosis. These diets are served frequently and may be the basis for therapeutic diets.
  • Liquid Diet: This is the complete liquid diet and includes Clear Liquid, Full Liquid and Cold Liquid diets.
  • Semi Solid Diet: This is the diet which is midway between normal diet and liquid diet. The food is normally soft and easy to chew and digest.
Other services include preventative food suggestions and diet chart for cancer patients and nutritional counseling which includes lifestyle plan and diet for children. We have two nutrician consultant for our cardiac building and two nutrician consultant for our specialized building who are eager to help you get started.
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